Types of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a type of medical procedure which can help patients achieve a certain physical appearance or help individuals who have suffered an accident regain the normal look of their face or another part of their body. Plastic surgery generally falls into two categories. Those categories are cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is usually sought simply for cosmetic purposes. Individuals seeking cosmetic surgery wish to change or improve some aspect of their physical appearance. There are many types of cosmetic surgery procedures. Some of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures are listed below.

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is a type of surgery usually sought out by individuals who have been in some type of accident which has altered their appearance drastically. Reconstructive surgery can help these individuals regain their normal appearance, increase their confidence and help them regain a normal life.

face lift

Burn Patients

A patient that has sustained severe burns will experience a huge alteration in their appearance. These changes in appearance can lead to depression and difficulty in functioning in society. Reconstructive surgery such as skin grafts can help these individuals regain a more normal less injured appearance.

Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks are a very popular cosmetic procedure which many women and some men have done in order to change the shape of the stomach. This procedure is most commonly done following child birth or a large amount of weight loss. The muscles in the abdomen become loose.

A tummy tuck can tighten these muscles back up and during most tummy tucks excess skin can be removed from the stomach in order to give it a more attractive appearance.
Face Lifts

Face lifts are another popular form of cosmetic surgery. Face lifts are utilized in order to change or freshen the appearance of the face. Small incisions are made along the hair line and the skin is tightened. This can eliminate wrinkles and give the face a younger appearance.

Scar Removal

Scar removals are also a popular form of reconstructive surgery. Following many types of accidents or other forms of surgery patients may experience severe scaring which can contribute to depression and difficulty in functioning in society.

Other Types of Reconstructive Surgery

Other types of reconstructive surgery can include surgical procedures to correct damage a patient may sustain to their nose during an accident, reconstructing ears, eyelids, cheek bones, orbital sockets and other aspects of the face that have been damaged during and accident or injury.

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery can help individuals regain a sense of confidence and normalcy that they would not otherwise be able to obtain.

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