Places for Breaking Bad Fans to Visit in Albuquerque

I love the TV show Breaking Bad and I love Albuquerque. And if you’re a fan of Breaking Bad and love to travel, I would suggest you take a trip out to ABQ. While many horrible things happen on the show and set a dark overall tone for it, the beauty of Albuquerque still stays sharp with cloudy blue skies and tan desert sands.

These are some places to check out from the show if you’re in town.

Northeast Heights Locations

You’ll likely recognize a lot of places in this part of the city from scenes in Breaking Bad, with the location of Walter White’s home and the A-1 Car Wash sitting here. The best route to go to see all of the set locations starts from Hank and Maria’s house located in the foothills and travel down to the A-1 location, followed by Walter’s home.

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Savoy Wine Bar and Grill is a great place to stop for a bite to eat or something to drink (Walt and Gretchen Schwartz met here in Season 2), and Paul’s Monterey Inn is located here–a ’60s-style speakeasy and steakhouse from Season 3 when Walter White talked about killing gang members with Jesse Pinkman.

Downtown Area Locations

Downtown Albuquerque contains several different locations from Breaking Bad as well; you’ll find Jesse’s house along with his parents’, the parking garage where Walter installed a bomb on drug kingpin Gus Fring’s car, and Tuco’s hideout, which is actually a cafe called Java Joe’s. The Civic Plaza is also a great downtown location, where Jesse was sent by Hank to meet Walt while wearing a wire.

Other Places to See

Other notable places to visit all over Albuquerque include places to eat, including Twisters–a New Mexican food chain dressed up in the show as a Los Pollos Hermanos location–and Garduños, the New Mexican restaurant where Walt, Skyler, Hand and Maria met up for one uncomfortable dinner in the final season.

You can even get a pedicure at the nail salon where Saul Goodman suggests buying the place to Walt as a front. The salon is called Zen Nail Salon and the employees there appeared in the scene as extras.

You can even visit the cast and crew’s favorite places, based on their suggestions here.

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